Main Topics

Antimicrobial use and resistance in food-producing animals - How can we protect the efficacy of antibiotics for reproductive diseases?

The negative impact of lameness on dairy cow reproduction

Suppression of reproductive behavior and gonadal function in horses - an update

Maladaptation to the transition period and consequences on fertility of dairy cows

25 years after Dolly: update on long term effects of embryo biotechnologies

Pig reproduction

From the barn to the bench - Mechanisms of infection and immunity in the bovine reproductive tract

Preimplantation embryo-maternal communication in cattle: Implications on fertility and in vitro embryo production.

Reproductive diseases of small ruminants

Small animal reproduction - Difficult pregnancy and parturition

Buffalo reproduction

Breeding for improved fertility, based on endocrine traits

Precision Livestock Farming applications for reproduction in sows and dairy cows

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